• Every Wisconsinite deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare. Now - in the midst of a pandemic, coming to terms with racism as a public health crisis, and coping with the worst economic downturn since the great depression - we need to make thoughtful decisions that promote our individual and community health. 

  • Badger Care expansion, comprehensive protections that ensure coverage for preexisting conditions, and price transparency for visits and procedures are some of the opportunities for change as we chart our path forward respecting the needs and values of all Wisconsinites.

  • Our public schools are the foundation of our communities. They provide education, cultural identity, recreation, basic needs and so much more. Still, our leaders have left students and educators behind by failing to provide essential funding and support, thereby disinvesting in the future of all Wisconsinites. The changing landscape of education on all levels with technology, and now the challenges brought by the pandemic, require nimble thinking and creative ideas based in evidence and adapted to real world scenarios. 

  • I support expansion of broadband services to support online education, fixing the broken school funding formula, and restoring fundamental components of our educational system with an emphasis on special education and mental health services to ensure every child receives the best education.

Clean Water & Air​
  • The heritage of Wisconsin is strongly rooted in our natural resources. From tourism to recreation to conservation, our history is steeped in a foundation of clean water and air. Earth Day was born here, 50 years ago, and now it is our obligation to invest in renewable energy, healthy water, and safeguarding public lands to ensure a bright and robust future for generations to come.

  • We need an economy that works for all Wisconsinites, especially with the changing landscape carved by the pandemic. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and they build and sustain our communities. 

  • Leaders in Wisconsin need to bolster incentives for small businesses and start-ups, prioritizing these essential pillars over tax breaks for the 1% and finance bailouts for corporations and sham deals like Foxconn.

Agriculture & Farming​
  • The farmers of “America’s Dairyland” have suffered more farm bankruptcies than any other state in the last year. Our farming and rural communities are in crisis and neither the “bigger is better” nor band aid federal relief approach will stop the bleeding. We need innovative, sustainable solutions that optimize our rich resources, including our farmers and their families, to create a new vision. As the granddaughter and niece of family farmers, I truly understand the tenacity and resilience that defines this population and will fight for enduring solutions.

The Right to Vote​
  • It’s hard to believe that it has been only a little over 100 years since Wisconsin became the first state to ratify the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. Now here I am, running for a legislative body that has been comprised almost exclusively of men (97%) since its inception. 

  • The voting booth, which may be your own mailbox, is the level ground where everyone has an opportunity to use their independent voice, at many different levels and for many different reasons, to refine and build the communities we desire. The right to vote is so  essential to our democracy that it is mentioned five times in the Constitution. This essential right is constantly under attack as access is limited and restrictions are enacted by lawmakers who desire to suppress the vote, acknowledging the old truism that elections with a larger pool of voters tend to favor Democrats.

  • In the 2018 statewide Assembly races, Democrats won 53% of the votes — yet they hold only 36% of the seats. Take a look at the map of the 88th Assembly District - the boundaries simply don’t make sense and are actually ludicrous in some spots. Gerrymandering is rampant in Wisconsin and the result is brazen, irresponsible elected officials in safe districts where their reelection is all but assured. 

  • By definition, your representative should be working to represent YOU, not special interests or party lines. Wisconsin deserves fair maps that represent the will of the people, and I will fight to ensure that we get those maps in 2022.

Common Sense Gun Reform​
  • Hunting and gun ownership are part of our culture in Wisconsin. I support our second amendment right to “keep and bear arms”, recognizing that common sense safety measures, including universal background checks and Extreme Risk Protection Laws, are the will of the vast majority of Wisconsinites on both sides of the aisle. 

  • As a physician, I also recognize that the risk of homicide for women in cases of domestic violence increases by 500% when a gun is present, and that more children in Wisconsin have died from guns than drowning, fires and falls combined. 

  • It is shameful that our legislature spent less than a minute during the special session called by Governor Evers to address gun violence, a clear statement that our current leadership refuses to acknowledge the will of the people.

Equity ​
  • The characteristics that too often divide us - gender, race, ethnicity and more - are opportunities for growth and unity when we listen to and truly invest in each other in an equitable way. We level the playing field when we understand the strengths and needs of our communities, and the individuals within them, and respond with a thoughtful distribution of resources.

  • The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis that affects every aspect of our lives, and it isn’t going away any time soon. We are learning to live with it and it will continue to shape our lives around the disruption and discomfort that it brings. From the economic burden to determining how our schools will adapt to preserving our own mental health, this won’t last forever. It is critical that we stand together and support each other, relying on experts and evidence as the situation evolves, rebuffing divisive rhetoric, and finding the silver lining through creative discussion and problem solving that will propel us toward brighter days ahead.