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Access to quality, affordable healthcare

The current healthcare system isn’t working for anyone, and as a practicing physician, Kristin has seen how much these health care costs are climbing year after year. As a member of Congress, Kristin will work to lower prescription drug prices, and advocate for reforms to the healthcare system that allow Wisconsinites to get the care they need, at costs they can afford.

Strengthening the economy

A truly strong economy supports businesses, but it also supports workers and their families, and that starts with lowering costs, and building an economy that works for everyone. No one should be forced to decide between putting food on the table, and getting the medication they need. This means lowering the everyday costs of health care, housing, and child care; investing in an innovative workforce; and making sure we’ve got a tax system that works for everyone.

Protecting Reproductive Rights

As an OB/GYN doctor, Kristin has spent her entire career focused on ensuring that women have the ability to make their own personal healthcare decisions without government interference. Kristin has seen firsthand what happens when women who are already in difficult positions get placed into impossible ones. As Representative for Wisconsin’s Eighth Congressional District, Kristin will fight to protect reproductive rights across the country.

Investment in rural communities

For far too long, rural communities have been getting the short end of the stick – communities that are the backbone of America. By expanding health facility access, investing in broadband, boosting agricultural subsidies, increasing mental health services, and addressing the opioid epidemic, we can ensure that we’re committed to enhancing quality of life, no matter what zip code you live in.

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Kristin is a sixth-generation Wisconsinite, OB/GYN physician, and champion for women and families running to be the first woman elected to Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District.

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